Indonesians are big fans of online casinos despite the country’s tight gambling regulations. Many people who would like to gamble online but are prohibited from doing so in their home country instead do so by visiting offshore gambling websites.

If you’re an Indonesian player interested in learning more about the top online casinos, we recommend you keep reading. The following is a list of casinos that have been evaluated and endorsed by our professional gambling reviewers.

Introduction to Indonesian Online Gambling Sites


All forms of gambling are illegal in Indonesia, including poker games played online. If a player is detected engaging in such behavior, they may face severe consequences. Sharia law, which is applied in Indonesia because of the country’s Muslim majority, views gambling as intrinsically sinful.


Although the government does its best to prevent its citizens from accessing offshore online casinos, players who are still interested in trying their luck at such like free online casino slots, blackjack, poker, craps, or roulette games with jackpot still have plenty of possibilities. Some of them even let you pay with Indonesian Rupiahs and provide access to the site in languages spoken there.


Some of them may be blocked in your country, but you can still access them through this route or through a betting mediation site. Use an electronic wallet as a means of depositing and withdrawing money from offshore online casinos.

Gambling in Indonesia: Accepted Payment Methods


Most modern online casinos accept a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, making them accessible to players from around the world. There are an increasing number of e-wallets available, in addition to the traditional debit and credit cards like Visa and Mastercard.


Prepaid cards are a convenient option for online casino patrons, and many gaming sites now accept bitcoin payments from their customers.


It has already been discussed how important it is to take precautions if you plan on playing at an offshore online casino using a virtual private network. Electronic wallets like PayPal, Skrill, ecoPayz, PaySafeCard, and Neteller are fast, secure, and simple payment options.

Casinos in Indonesia with Instant Withdrawals


It’s only natural that winners would want to collect their winnings as soon as possible. There are a few options for making this process as quick as possible. Using a fast withdrawal mechanism like an e-wallet or bitcoin is the simplest approach to guarantee a timely payout.


The convenience of these payment systems lies in how quickly they can be implemented. Instantaneous deposits and withdrawals are available to players.

Norms by Which We Evaluate


How can you identify a reliable online gambling establishment? Casinos on our site are ranked based on a number of criteria. Here are some typical red flags that we keep an eye out for.


Gambling Permit

One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself while gambling online is to look for a site that has been granted a valid gaming license. The likelihood of having a negative experience, whether due to the operator’s quality or initial deposit/withdrawal hassles, will be lowered as a result.


The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the United Kingdom gaming Commission (UKGC) are the two most trustworthy organizations in the business of awarding gaming licenses. The first step toward a trouble-free gambling experience is selecting an online casino that holds a license issued by one of these two regulatory agencies.


In order to keep their licenses, casinos must follow a number of rules and regulations designed to ensure player safety and fair play. This provides a safe and sound setting in which players can place their wagers.


Curaçao eGaming is another emerging regulating organization. Indonesian players, as well as those from Malaysia and Singapore, can enjoy the services of online casinos granted licenses by this organization.


The Philippines is the only Asian country with legitimate gaming licenses. After casinos began focusing on the Asian market, the Asian country itself began courting the casino industry by providing incentives for establishment and operation.


PAGCOR, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, and FCLRC, the First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation, are the two main Philippine regulatory agencies at present. The former oversees brick-and-mortar casinos, while the latter issues permits for virtual ones.


However, the Philippines is also home to a set of businesses serving international markets under the moniker POGO (Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators). All of these businesses have PAGCOR licenses and they supply the needs of Vietnamese, Korean, and Chinese customers.


The Value of a Solid Permit

All forms of gaming, but notably those that take place online, require a solid regulatory framework. When something goes wrong during play or if a player suspects cheating, they know what to do and where to go in a land-based casino. Many gamblers will wonder things like, “Is the casino safe to play at?” Can we verify the games’ integrity? Are my account information and identity secure? Will they be made available to other people? All of these are reasonable concerns for someone who has never played at an online casino before.


This means that the only way to truly keep an online casino under control is through strict regulation and license. The licensing procedure is lengthy and convoluted. It’s not free, and there are a lot of regulations to follow. In favor of an online casino’s credibility comes the presence of a legitimate license issued by an authoritative body.


In addition, having a valid license ensures that all of an online casino’s services are legitimate and risk-free for its customers. Third-party audits on a regular basis and the use of random number generators are both required.


A regulatory authority is essential for the safety of players. When things go awry, players may rely on a reliable entity to help them fix the issue at hand and continue playing.


A small number of online casinos are operating illegally. Better bonuses and greater payments are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the dangers of agreements that appear more enticing at first sight. It’s impossible to know if your bank information is secure, if the casino is fair, or if you’ll be a phishing target in the future. This is why you should only gamble at casino sites that have a proper gambling license.

Help Desk in Indonesian


They claim a virtual gambling site is only as good as its customer service. What separates a good casino from a fantastic one is a stable and reliable crew that is available around the clock via multiple communication channels.


Having a live chat feature is helpful in addition to providing a phone number and email address for contacting the company. This is especially true if the live chat support service is available at all hours of the day and night, allowing users to obtain help whenever they need it.


The existence of a helpful Help Centre is another indicator of solid casino assistance. Whenever a player has a question, they should first go here in the frequently asked questions section. The success of any online casino depends on the quality and depth of its frequently asked questions section, where players can find answers to their most pressing concerns.


Prospective users should test out the available help options before signing up. This might give you an idea of the team’s reaction time and style when dealing with questions.



Online casinos that accept e-wallets as a deposit and withdrawal option are a good choice for Indonesian players, as was previously indicated. In general, this is the most secure and trustworthy method of depositing or withdrawing money.


There is less chance of phishing or fraud when using an e-wallet because no financial information is shared with the casino.


Secure Online Gaming Platform

It is crucial for there to be a secure setting for casino players. This necessitates that patrons be conversant with the casino’s security measures. As was previously said, the first step is to obtain a license from a credible regulatory organization; this license’s number and expiration date should be made publicly available in the website’s footer.


The same security procedures, such as a strong SSL encryption protocol, should be used by online casinos. A trustworthy third party should do regular audits of its services.


Highly Recommended Players

The reviews of previous customers are a foolproof method of determining the legitimacy of an online casino and the fairness of its bonuses. Having access to first-hand accounts makes it much simpler to select a reliable online gambling site. You should look for reviews written by actual players.


It’s not enough to simply look at the games offered by an online casino while searching for feedback from actual customers. This is what most people look for when looking for an online casino, but genuine users may also provide light on whether or not the platform is easy to use, whether or not the casino is licensed, and how quickly and easily money can be deposited and withdrawn. All valid concerns that most gamers have.


However, there are other details to consider before committing to a specific online casino. How many games are there, and what kinds of games have free trials? Is there a reliable and helpful support crew, and can they be reached at any time? Do you know if there is a real-life casino nearby? If so, how many games are offered by live dealers, and how many tables are there?


Don’t be shy about asking questions and getting your doubts about something clarified in an online forum or social media website. It’s best to be cautious than sorry when it comes to online casinos.

Indonesian Gamers’ Top Picks


Games like video poker and video slots are not only entertaining, but also provide the chance to win instant prizes on every spin. Numerous games feature interesting visuals and characters, yet are easy to play since they lack strategic depth.


In addition, you can play these everywhere you go because to their simplistic design; all you have to do is press the spin button, and you’ll be off and running. Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Novomatic, and Playtech are just a few of the most well-known Indonesian casino software developers providing these titles.

Indonesian Gambling Culture and History


It wasn’t always the case that gambling of any kind was forbidden in Indonesia. Because of its location and odd shape, with 34 provinces spread across more than 17,000 islands, the Philippines has always been subject to outside influences. There was a noticeable amount of Chinese and European influence in the gaming industry.


When China was a major power in Southeast Asia, some 700 years ago, it brought with it a number of new games to Indonesia. Coin and card games were one of the earliest forms of gambling.


Before the country’s independence in the 1960s, Indonesia had no gambling legislation. During this historical period, restrictions were enforced at the discretion of municipal and regional governments. In Jakarta, gambling was permitted from the 1960s through the 1970s.


The former governor saw the potential in using gaming taxes to improve infrastructure and build new facilities for the city. By that time, not only did Jakarta have a fully operational casino, but the regional Indonesian government had also constructed marketplaces, clinics, schools, and other infrastructure.


Raffle tickets were used to fund children’s projects in Jakarta until the city was forced to stop doing so due to religious concerns. Surabaya’s local government launched two lottery ticket systems in the 1960s: Lotto and Toto Koni. Up until the mid-1970s, these had been in effect.


Current Gambling Legislation

The government started giving religious laws more weight in the early 1970s. It was the first step toward the current stringent regulations through which licenses are revoked and gambling sites are shut down. Most localized forms of gambling, such as lotteries, were outlawed by the time the 1990s rolled around.


This, however, did not happen overnight. Many people wanted to place wagers on the Euro 2012 tournament, therefore the Ministries of Religious Affairs, Social Affairs, Communications and Information Technology all felt it was time to take gambling regulation seriously. A new law was enacted, making gambling illegal.


The government has resolved to combat gambling from multiple angles. Most gambling bans are put in place because of religious concerns. The government has wised up to the fact that the best way to combat the issue of excessive online gambling is to stop it where it begins. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology thus began blocking access to practically all online gambling websites, notably those based outside of the country. However, this method resulted in security weaknesses that are now being exploited by Indonesian gamers at online casinos across the globe.


It is possible to circumvent the restrictions and play various casino games by using a virtual private network (VPN) and, in some cases, middleman sites. A growing number of online casinos are now welcoming customers from Indonesia, with some even catering to local language and currency preferences.

Concluding Remarks


Both online and physical casinos are still banned in Indonesia. However, there are hundreds of online casinos that operate on a global scale, and it’s worthwhile to keep an eye on which of these might be an option should the law in Indonesia’s jurisdictions be altered in the future.


Casino Frequently Asked Questions

Do online casinos in Indonesia provide bonus money?


Online casinos that welcome players from Indonesia typically provide the same bonus options as other online casinos. Free spins, no-deposit bonuses, and welcome bonuses are the most often offered incentives.


Is it secure for Indonesian gamblers to participate?


Both offline and online gambling are prohibited by Indonesia’s stringent legislative framework. If players are caught engaged in such behavior, they may suffer serious consequences. The sole option for Indonesians who want to play at online casinos is to find a service that is based outside of the nation that accepts players from Indonesia.


Is gambling allowed in Indonesia?


No, it is not legal in any way to gamble.

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