Sheldon Adelson is an independent billionaire.

Sheldon Adelson is a self-made magnate who created several wildly successful casinos in Las Vegas, Macau, and Singapore to amass his fortune. He has set an exceptionally high standard for those who desire to follow in his footsteps. To find out how this casino magnate became a billionaire, kindly continue reading this detailed biography.

Early Years

Sheldon Adelson was born in the Boston, Massachusetts neighborhood of Dorchester during the Great Depression. His father, a Lithuanian immigrant who drove a taxi and sold advertisements on the side, was a taxi driver. His mother, a Welsh immigrant and businesswoman, operated a modest needlework store. His parents imparted in him the value of diligent labor at a young age, encouraging him to get a job on his 12th birthday.

The first employment he ever had was peddling newspapers on street corners; although it was low-paying, it allowed him to save money for college.
In 1951, he matriculated at City College of New York in pursuit of a degree in finance. He performed well in school, but chose to leave after his sophomore year in order to enter the United States Army.

After his military service, he began working as a court stenographer on Wall Street. While he was transcribing numerous judicial hearings and court cases, he met new individuals and forged business connections. Through this work, he made his first million dollars.

Now that he had some starting capital, he began investing in real estate and various minor enterprises that he believed had the potential to make him wealthy. Among these companies was American International Travel Service, which in a few brief years grew from a startup to a multimillion-dollar enterprise.

Adelson resolved to invest in himself in 1978. He founded the COMDEX computer convention, where industry insiders would convene to showcase their products to prospective customers. As computers were still relatively new, it was dangerous to enter the industry. However, Alderson never flinched away from a challenge.
This company was worth over $500 million when he sold it after years of hard work.

Sandra was his wife, whom he met and married while working on COMDEX.
At the outset of their relationship, they spent a great deal of time traveling to vacation destinations throughout Europe and South America.
After a specialist informed them that they would be unable to conceive a child, their relationship began to deteriorate; this placed a significant strain on their relationship.
They resolved to adopt since they were unable to have offspring of their own. They adopted three children: Mitchell, Gary, and Shelley. Despite having several new children to care for, the couple remained unable to connect. In 1988, after living apart for several months, they divorced officially.

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